Here at DD Entertainment we possess a high level of expertise and have ample experience in a variety of
fields across the entertainment industry. With over 20 years experience we have extensive knowledge in
audio & visual design, staging & draping, event planning across a number of fields as well as DJing &
quiz master. We continuously update our knowledge to stay current with industry trends and best
practices. We understand the importance of staying abreast of the latest advancements in the
entertainment industry, and make it a priority to remain well informed. Our clients can trust us to provide
them with sound advice and effective solutions based on our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Services


DB Technologies is a premium audio solution that has been delivering great sound since 2005. Here at DDEntertainment we offer just that with our range of up to date sound systems, speakers and sub-woofers. Each product is designed and developed to provide crystal clear sound in any environment.
Thanks to its cutting edge materials, advanced digital technology, and innovative design, DB Technologies has become a trustworthy and reliable choice for musicians, DJ’s and event planners. With a commitment to excellence, DB Technologies ensures a high quality audio experience for
every listening occasion.

Shure Wireless Microphones

Wireless and lapel microphones are a popular alternative to their wired counterparts, offering greater
mobility and flexibility during performances or presentations. They transmit audio signals through radio
frequencies, allowing performers to move around freely while still being heard by the audience. Our
wireless microphones are a convenient and reliable solution for audio needs at any event.


Event lighting refers to the use of lighting fixtures and techniques to enhance the aesthetics, mood and
atmosphere of an event. It includes the use of ambient lighting, spotlighting, color washes and special
effects such as fog or haze. Event lighting can be used for a variety of occasions including weddings,
corporate events, and private gatherings. Properly executed event lighting can help create a memorable
experience for guests while also highlighting key elements of the event design. Here at DD Entertainment
we can customise our lights and tailor them to any specific project.

LED Tables

Our LED tables are furniture pieces that incorporate LED lighting technology to create a unique and eye catching effect. These tables diffuse the light, providing a soft glow that can be customised to
different colors and intensities. Our LED table lights can also be programmed to change colors in response to music or sound. LED tables are popular at events as they can add ambiance as well as
creating a dynamic atmosphere. We offer a selection of six elbow height tables that can be used undraped or draped with black or white scrims. Stand by to be lit up.

Mood Lighting

Indoor/outdoor mood lighting can create a particular ambiance and atmosphere to the smallest of events. It is typically
used in an event to enhance the overall feel and mood of the space. Some common examples of mood
lighting include soft, warm lighting for a relaxing and intimate setting, colorful and vibrant lighting for a
lively and energetic atmosphere, and dim, low lighting for a subtle tasteful feel. We offer a range of neat
and tidy wireless up-lighters that can transform any indoor or outdoor area with a colour of choice.


Our Glass Top Podium is a sleek and modern piece of furniture that adds an element of sophistication to
any presentation or speaking engagement. It’s clear glass top and black metallic accents give it a
professional appearance that is sure to impress. It stands at a comfortable height for the speaker and
features a sturdy base for stability. The clear top also allows for notes and papers to be easily viewed
without obstruction. Whatever the event, the Glass Top Podium is a stylish and functional choice.

Pipe & Drape Backdrops

Pipe and drape is a versatile and modular system used to create temporary partitions and backdrops for a range of events such as trade shows, weddings, and stage productions. The system consists of vertical
aluminium pipes and adjustable telescopic poles that connect to create a frame. Fabric drapes are then
hung over the frame to create a partition or backdrop. Pipe and drape is highly customizable and comes in a variety of colors. Currently we hold black, white and wine drapes in stock. Pipe & drape can be easily assembled and dismantled for quick setup and break down.

DJ Booth/DJ Controllers

Here at DD Entertainment we pride ourselves in standing out from the crowd. DJ booths come in all shapes and sizes, but some are designed to stand out from the crowd. We have a
selection of booths from stained timber panelling, LED lighting displays, metal & rustic timber to your classic cloth fabric. These unique DJ booths are sure to catch your eye. Accompanied with these stylish booths we also offer a range of pioneer DJ controllers. From the ever favorite Pioneer XDJ XZ & Pioneer DDJ FLX10 to the Pioneer Opus Quad we have something that is sure to stand out at your event.

50″ TV Screens

Looking for a larger screen to showcase your branding/visuals? Our 50” TV hire service is the perfect solution. With high-quality visuals and multiple connection options including HDMI and USB, you can enjoy all your media content with ease. Our TVs are available for short term and long term hire, making them ideal for events, exhibitions, and other occasions. We also offer delivery and collection services to ensure a hassle free experience for our clients. 

Cold Spark Machine

The cold sparks machine is an innovative device that creates a stunning and safe display of cold sparks using advanced technology. It produces a beautiful cascade of tiny, illuminated sparks that are completely harmless to people and objects. This machine is perfect for a variety of events as it adds a touch of elegance and excitement. Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, the cold sparks machine does not emit smoke or burn residue, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative. Its versatility and stunning performance make it a very popular choice.

Haze Machine

A haze machine is a device used to create atmospheric haze or fog, typically for special effects in stage performances, concerts, and events. Unlike traditional fog machines that produce thick, billowing clouds, haze machines generate a fine mist that hangs in the air to enhance the visibility of lighting effects. Haze machines are widely used in the entertainment industry because they produce a subtle, translucent effect that can highlight the movement and texture of light in a performance

Red Carpet Runner

Our red carpet runner is the perfect addition for your special event, creating a glamorous and VIP entrance for your guests. It serves as a symbolic way to welcome and honor attendees while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event space.

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